March Camp out

It was warmer than February!

Welcome to our first blog post, over the coming months we intend to use the blog as a means of introducing people to the roof tent life style, the products we offer and our family business.

So the end of March is nearly here, possibly the beginning of the end of lockdown. We have an aim this year to camp out at least once a month in a roof tent, as after all we are asking you to trust us to guide you well in your journey to potentially purchasing one. We have used many different roof tents over the years and have grown a passion for using them alongside the campers that we also enjoy building, using and maintaining.

For our camp out in January we saw the New year in with a family lockdown lock-in at the workshop using 4 different roof tent models simultaneously, the workshop stove for heat, some seriously good pizza and a few beverages.

February was a chilly and starry one, with an indication that it was not yet time to get up listening to the sound of a neighbour scraping the ice from his car windscreen! Roof tent duties that night were performed faultlessly by our Femkes Khosi equipped go faster camper.

Moving on to March, we were able to have our first night in the Hussarde Quatro roof tent. A range which is new to both us and the UK. Manufactured in France we have been thrilled by the quality of the product and that it is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Not the most exotic location, but we are still on lockdown, it was a blustery and cloudy night, but cosy in the roof tent, My daughter and I headed out and were quickly set up and hunkered down.

Easter weekend is upon us and will probably be our next camp out, which will be combined with the start of one of the new ventures for 2021 setting up a purpose built outside display area adjacent to the existing showroom and workshop. I can feel a decent bonfire coming on.

Whatever you get up to I hope you can enjoy it, and if you are interested in finding out more about the roof top tents we stock, please don't hesitate to be in touch with us.

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