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    Rooftent Utopia: a wide range of Roof tents in one location

    A one-stop solution:

    Rooftent Utopia

    We aim to be a one-stop UK based roof tent supplier. Offering a wide range of hard shell and soft shell roof tents from reliable, established European suppliers that sleep 2-5 people & can easily be fitted to almost any car.


    We have a warm welcome, demonstrator models, accessories and overnight camping available at our workshop & showroom situated in Chichester, West Sussex.


    Coming soon in 2021 (COVID restrictions permitting) a satellite centre located in Corby, Northamptonshire will also be available by appointment for Roof tent sales & mounting, handovers and demonstrations.

    Will a Roof Tent work for you?

    The nuts and bolts of it

    A roof tent is a great addition to almost any vehicle; with the addition of some basic kit it transforms it into a capable camper that accommodates you on a comfy mattress, off the ground, in your own room with a view.


    In reality, most people wanting to install a roof tent onto their car require little more than wanderlust, a decent set of roof bars and a vehicle that has adequate roof-load capacity to accommodate the desired roof tent and its occupants. At Rooftent Utopia we can help you work out what’s possible with your vehicle and supply suitable roof bars, installation and a comprehensive handover as part of your roof tent package.

    About us:

    Passionate wanderers

    For more 25 years we have owned and travelled in campers, both classic and modern, camped on the ground and in a roof tent. We have been fortunate to have had adventures in Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, America and Canada, staying on Campsites, Government land, mountain-sides, Aires and occasionally friends driveways. We have built up a vast array of experience and contacts and draw from them to continually fuel our passion and keep things real. We always aim to supply the best products, responsibly sourced to meet our customer's needs.

  • Roof tent Basics:

    Things to consider:

    Soft Shell Roof Tents

    We stock Sheepie & DTBD

    Soft shell roof tents generally have a removable cover and can have a larger footprint that extends beyond the footprint of the vehicle with options for annex rooms that give greater shelter and enclosed living space below and around the overhanging section of the roof tent.

    Hard Shell Roof Tents

    We stock NaitUpHussarde & Femkes

    Hard shell roof tents can be particularly quick to erect, they are ideal for quick getaways and frequent moves, they tend to have a smaller footprint and fewer awning and annex options. You can often leave your bedding set up inside ready to go. Consider combining them with a separate awning.

    Hybrid Roof Tents

    We stock Femkes

    Newer hybrid style roof tents combine elements of both soft and hard shell roof tent design in one package. The hard shell convenience, with a small roof rack foot print that opens like a soft shell into a significantly larger sleeping space. The Alu khosi also has a roof rail option.

  • Roof tent considerations:

    Where to begin

    Which Roof tent will suit you?

    Some simple questions....

    The type of travelling you plan to do, the number of people you need to accommodate, the destinations you intend to visit, your available roof space and budget are all factors that may influence your roof tent choice, as well as checking that the roof tent you choose has been designed to work correctly in its environment.

    Decide on your spec:

    It's all in the detail....

    Roof tent fabric choices, hard shell and base board construction materials and techniques, frame tube diameters, zips, stitching, mosquito netting and seam tapes all play key parts in making your roof tent robust, durable and reliable and are important considerations. Our brands work continuously to ensure products are top quality with ongoing development and designed specifically to perform reliability in the European climate.

    The following sections highlight the ranges and models we currently offer:

  • Femkes For 2021

    Specialist Motorcaravan Services is delighted to be partnering with Femkes rooftop tents as the UK centre for sales & rental.

    Who am I?

    Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Femke, a Dutch fan of the outdoors and traveler in heart and soul. Femke's rooftop tents are super easy roof top tents for people who want to explore beautiful places quickly, easily and comfortably with any passenger car, large or small.




    Ready to join us on top?


    Has the thought of sleeping on top of your car ever crossed your mind? It's fun and really easy to do, consider this:


    Just put your pillow and blanket in the rooftop tent and off you go.


    Let the adventure begin.


    And yes, this tent fits on every car with crossbars, even really small cars.


    The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing gently through the tent, your mind wanders off to life outdoors............cycling, climbing, hiking.



    Link to Femkes website.

    Which Tent for You?

    Rent or Buy ?

    All tents are equipped with mosquito netting, mattress, fixed canopies, a mounting kit and a ladder that can be extended if desired. Under the mattress is an anti-condensation mat (3D mesh).

    The MILES, HOPPER and KHOSI are available both for sale and to rent. If you don't have any storage, consider renting a tent, however once you own a rooftop tent, you will use it more often than you think.


    If you do have a garage or storage area then we would recommend you buy one. You can then mount the RTT on your roof any time the sun breaks through and head off to enjoy the great outdoors!


    Femke's Philosophy:

    It is my ambition to be able to supply a roof tent that is 100% sustainable. This is currently unfeasible. It requires a lot more research & development. But for now the first step has been made: the 'shell' of the tents is made of ABS. This, unlike polyester/fiberglass, is 100% recyclable.

    Next on the list is a canvas which uses as little chemicals treatment as possible, yet still performs in bad weather.


    Strong & smart


    · The rooftop tents are strong, solid and cleverly put together with handy gadgets & extras, such as ventilation grilles, drip rails and a sturdy ladder.

    - Everything can be replaced so no waste when something breaks or tears.

  • Sheepie For 2021

    We are the UK centre for Sheepie Sales & Rental .

    link to sheepie website

    Sheepie® rooftop tents, our story

    It all started in 1999, deep in the Australian Outback, where the founders of Sheepie® camped under harsh conditions. The equipment used did not meet their needs! The rough surroundings (warm during the day and cold at night) inspired them to develop an alternative way of camping. The result? Sheepie®, one of the standards in rooftop tents all over the world.

    You don’t achieve this by sitting still, but by continuous development such as new models, amongst other things, for recreational applications. Nowadays, the Sheepie® rooftop tent has become the standard both for the seasoned 4×4 enthusiasts and for families with children with a rooftop tent on their passenger cars. In addition to the various models of rooftop tents, we also have an extensive line of accessories that make (camping) life even more attractive.

    Sheepie® Become part of our passion and explore like never before.




    link to sheepie Yuna page

    Sheepie Yuna

    An innovative rooftop tent with a unique design, your room with a magnificent view. It is easy to open and close your roof tent, remove the cover, extend the ladder, and open the roof tent in one movement. The Yuna is available in three different sizes, 140, 160 and Family (250). The smallest size offers a spacious roof tent for two persons and the Family edition offers sleeping space for four persons.

    The tent frame poles are positioned on the outside of the roof tent, to create more living space inside.

    The tent fabrics are very durable, high UV resistant, and waterproof. The Yuna roof tent has been airflow designed to prevent condensation. All openings have mosquito protection and several storage side bags are installed.

    The integrated aluminum telescopic ladder provides easy access.

    Tested under tough circumstances, with the Yuna roof tent, you can go camping in comfort and style. Travel wherever you like.


    Click on the photo to get more information.

    Link to Sheepie Jimba Jimba page

    Jimba Jimba

    The Sheepie® Jimba Jimba is the original Sheepie® rooftop tent. Lightweight and attractive design. The Jimba Jimba 2.0 is fitted with gas springs to automatically open the tent and a new ceiling with extra ventilation options.

    The patented roof tent construction is made from solid lightweight aluminum, and it fits almost every car; with roof bars, or installed directly to your existing roof rack.

    The roof tent fabrics are very durable, high UV, and waterproof. The inner tent is made of Poly-cotton, which is lightweight and absorbs less moisture, which ensures the tent dries quicker. The Jimba Jimba has been airflow designed to avoid condensation. The fly is made of a Poly-Oxford fabric with a polyurethane coating; to be water-repellent and have great breathability at the same time. All openings have mosquito protection, and several storage side bags are installed.

    The aluminum telescopic ladder can be used for easy access.
    With the Jimba Jimba, you can go camping in comfort and style. Travel whenever you like.


    Click on the photo to get more information.

    link to Sheepie Bookara page

    Sheepie Bookara

    In 2020, a new model rooftop tent is added to the Sheepie® collection. The thinnest hardcover ever, only 15 cm thick. If you include the fitting rails, so measured from the roof bars, the height is 18 cm total. The patented roof tent construction is made from a hard aluminum shell. This solid hardcover fits many cars, vans, and SUV’s. You only have to install two load bars, or it can be installed directly to your existing roof rack.

    The Bookara has an ultra-flat design. The airflow is specifically designed to reduce condensation. All openings have mosquito protection and several storage side bags are installed.

    The aluminum telescopic ladder (up to 230 cm) provides easy access.

    With the Bookara rooftop tent, you can go camping in comfort and style. A real eye-catcher.


    Click on the photo to get more information.

  • Dare to be Different Outdoor for 2021

    Rooftent Utopia the UK home for DTBD Outdoor Sales & Rental.

    About DTBD

    Dare To Be Different Outdoor is a company that sells high-quality outdoor products that are affordably priced. Our focus is to produce a small range of well built equipment with great potential.



    Link to D2BD  Outdoor site

    How different are we?

    Frequently heard comments from customers are:

    • The tents are all the same
    • They're all from the same factory
    • I can order it myself via Aliexpress.

    To give clarity about how and why we are different, we must go back to our "vision" drawn up in 2012:


    "Dare to be Different Outdoor aims to enable our customers to enjoy the European continent in all its facets quickly and flexibly with all our products."


    Our rooftop tents have been modified and improved in many ways compared to a rooftop tent ordered directly from any factory. In addition, we continue to improve and adapt our rooftop tents through customer feedback, our own experience and improved production processes.


    To guarantee quality of production we visit our production facilities several times a year.

    Quite simply, Europe is different from America, Australia and Africa. Europeans have different habits and demands than people on other continents.

    Many rooftop tent brands take a standard rooftop tent made for those other markets change the colour and give it a name. In Europe the conditions are definitely different. And that is where the difference lies.


    Click on the photo to get more information.

    The new DTBD 140s LW

    Range for 2021

    The directors engineering background is evidenced in all the tiny details that set these Roof tents, Awnings and Cook-boxes apart, please do call for further information.


    RTT Models:






    They also offer a range of robust awnings: Quad, Penta 180 & 270.


    Brand New and in stock now:

    140S Lite, a distinctive, budget friendly roof tent for a great price!

  • NEW Range for 2021: Naitup Hussarde

    Great Quality Rooftents Made in France

    Hussarde DUO, Quatro & Family

    2-5 Person Rapid set up ABS Shell Rooftent

    The most recent addition to our range are Hussarde roof tents manufactured in France by Naitup and coming with a 5 year guarantee and options including a Cabanon 100% cotton fabric tent.


    RTT Models:

    The Duo sleeps 2, with its low profile ABS shell,


    The Quatro and Family share the same ABS shell as the Duo, with an additional platform assembly that can then accommodate upto 4-5 people.


    The company has a sound ethos and a desire to deliver quality sustainable products.


    Please contact us for more information, or click on the photo to be taken to their French website.

    Watch the video to find out more.

  • There's always more to come!

    We're actively searching for quality rooftent & equipment manufacturers to broaden the range.

    Coming soon:

    Other leading European roof tent manufactures

    Our aim is to have the UK's widest selection of quality roof tents in a single location. You can compare, contrast, inspect and even try before you buy. We can supply accessory equipment and assist with installation on your vehicle. Welcome to Rooftent Utopia.

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